How to see notification log on android

Hello! People in this busy & online world where we don’t have time to check notification every minute and also don’t want to lose any important notifications, you also feel that there should be something to manage notifications ?

If yes, android 10 has this feature now, but it’s not available to all phones yet, but I have something for you. Today I will be showing you a simple trick to watch notification history(older notification also)on an android smartphone with a simple app. Follow me step by step.

Disclaimer - This app is really a powerful tool & use it on your own risk, any wrong move by you may crash a certain app activity and data.

Usually some flagship smartphone already has this feature available in the settings of the phone so i am not discussing that here, but this trick will work on any android 10 smartphone who didn’t have this feature enable by itself.

  1. Download it from the Google Play Store link given above and install it in your phone.

2. Open the app it may show warning, just click ‘Ok button’. Then give some time to load it. Now it will look like the below image.

3. Search “Notification log” on the search bar it will look like this :

4. Tap on the given result. Congrats now you can watch all notification which you missed within range of 24 hours.

Tap on any given notification to view more details.

That’s all, follow and share for more content like this. See ya…

Geek & proud ;-)

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